Muscle Cramp Relief

Muscle cramps can interfere with your ability to perform the tasks of normal living, from walking across a room to carrying a bag of groceries. Most muscle cramps are experienced in the legs, but can strike muscles across the body, leaving you feeling sore for days. Alternating heat and cold on the affected area may help reduce the healing time after a severe muscle cramp.

Our massage therapists can help relieve muscle pain and promote healing by addressing the affected areas with a deep-tissue massage. We also do a thorough exam to determine the issues causing your muscle cramps. Finding the root of the problem—and solving it—is our top priority for you.

Leg Muscle Cramps

When a leg muscle cramp hits, it’s an unpleasant experience—to put it mildly. Afterward, you’re faced with working through the soreness and, hopefully, making sure it doesn’t happen again. Our staff is trained in preventing and treating leg muscle cramps. We’ll also talk you through the steps you can take to reduce or eliminate leg muscle cramps from happening again.

Calf Muscle Cramps

Several causes can contribute to calf muscle cramps, including the debilitating nighttime cramps that wake you up out of a sound sleep with urgent pain. Haycock Chiropractic can help you ease the pain and speed up the healing from your calf muscle cramps, to get you better in next to no time.

Severe Muscle Cramps

We all experience occasional mild muscle cramps, but when you’re suffering from severe muscle cramps, you need expert help. Talk to our staff today to find the causes behind your muscle cramps, and find out how to avoid experiencing them again. We’ll develop an individualized care plan that addresses your situation and outlines the steps you can take at home to avoid muscle cramps in the future.

If you are experiencing these problems, please contact our office so we may help you! We see patients for muscle cramps, as well as neck pain, back pain, headaches, or even those who have experienced long lasting effects from an auto accident. Contact our office for more details!