Back Pain Relief

When you have back pain, even the most basic tasks can be excruciating. Picking up a dropped pencil or playing with your children or grandchildren can suddenly become ordeals instead of ordinary moments. Many people with back pain simply learn to limit their movements to avoid the back pain. But there’s a better way for most of us.

Your back pain is a signal from your body telling you that something isn’t working right. If you are currently experiencing back pain, back muscle tightness, or restricted mobility, please contact us. We’ll discuss your symptoms, then perform a thorough examination and evaluation to find out what exactly is causing your pain. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan that’s tailored to your needs, so you can live fully—without the limitations on your mobility from back pain.

Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

The lower back is the workhorse of the spine. It gives you the strength and stability you need to get through your activities each day. When you live with chronic lower back pain, your spine tends to get weaker, making it work harder even for everyday activities such as washing dishes or climbing stairs.

Back pain is the leading reason why people seek out the services of a chiropractor—yet getting your spine into proper alignment also helps a myriad of other, quieter problems. Lower back pain may be a sign that the organs or muscles that connect to the spine are in need of attention. Improving function in your lower back can give many other benefits to your health.

Lower Back Pain

Many of us “carry” our stress and tension in our upper backs. If you have back pain between the shoulder blades, there may be several factors involved, including standing and sitting posture, as well as other tendencies that contribute to back pain between your shoulder blades.

Along with adjusting your spine’s alignment, we believe in educating our patients on how they can take simple steps to improve the functioning of their back every day. Our comprehensive new-patient evaluation will assess standing posture, sitting position, and other habits that can contribute to upper back pain. Then we’ll develop your personalized care plan, to make sure you know what to do on your own to take care of your upper back pain.

At Haycock Chiropractic, we provide relief for patients that have chronic back pain, neck painheadaches, muscle cramps or have even experienced long lasting effects from an auto accident. If you or a loved one would like to find out more information please contact our office!